Members Page


New members join the band on an invitation basis.  We are usually contacted via the website, or via ‘word of mouth’ by friends of current players etc. 

Potential new members usually attend 4 or more rehearsals, after which they must be proposed by 4 or more members. A vote then takes place as to whether the players are accepted as permanent members of the band.

Upon being accepted into the band, there is a £25 joining fee, followed by subs of £2 per week, preferably by direct debit. 

Members provide their own instruments, and bring their own music stands for rehearsals. 

We are a non-contesting band, we meet once a week on a Thursday between 7.30 and 9.30pm at the Orchards Care Home, in Brompton.

We rehearse in the residents lounge, and usually there are 5 or 6 residents present at rehearsals.  They love the band and for some this is the highlight of the week!    Furniture is moved before and after rehearsals and any help is greatly appreciated.

The building in the photo is the building where we rehearse.   Post code is DL6 2RB

The front door, which is just to the right of the round 'turret' is on an electronic lock but we hang a doorbell over the handle which says "Band Bell"

Concert dress is black shirt/blouse and black trousers/skirt.